Episode 269

Andy Beitia, Director of Commercial Banking at Washington Trust Bank - Culture: The Rudder that Steers Your Ship.


March 6th, 2024

1 hr 43 secs

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Andy Beitia is the Director of Commercial Banking for Washington Trust Bank. Washington Trust Bank is the largest and one of the most respected privately held banks in North America. And Andy leads the team responsible for more revenue than the rest of the organization combined. Andy leads a team of leaders who face stiff competition, are highly regulated, and face consistent change from all kinds of market forces. But he does it with incredible amounts of success. The team at Washington Trust has had head turning growth…year after year…regardless of the external circumstances, and his approach to leadership is a huge reason why. And Andy is joining us today to talk about something that every single leader needs to be intentional about in order to have intentional success.

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