Episode 3

#3: Justin Welsh of PatientPop—Obsession with Execution: The Doorway to Hypergrowth


July 2nd, 2018

34 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to the Sales Leadership Podcast, where the most successful leaders and practitioners of the art and science of sales share their knowledge and insights. Each week, you'll hear froma sales leader who is driving performance that's beating their market. These quota-crushers share actionable strategies and tactics that have fueled their success.

Episode 3, Obsession with Execution: The Doorway to Hypergrowth welcomes Justin Welsh, SVP of Sales for PatientPop. Justin shares how obsession with execution helped him get PatientPop in HyperGrowth mode in year 1 and keep them there for four straight years. His blueprint focuses on 3 areas to get right first and he shares the 4 step process his leaders use to execute in the present. These tactics will help you…regardless of your company’s size or growth phase… create a culture where your salespeople are the evangelists of learning and execution…no micromanagement required.

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