Episode 214

#213: Mark America Smith, Executive Advisor — Personality is Cheap. Character is Expensive.


January 25th, 2023

58 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

Mark Smith is the sales leader who has done it all. He’s been the top salesperson, led large corporate teams with massive success, led younger high growth tech teams to rapid growth and massive fundings, and everything in between. Mark joins us today to talk about why trust is the resource that matters most to any sales leader…and how to lead in ways where you can earn the trust of those you work with and work for. If leadership is about influence, Mark’s discussion in this episode will help you gain influence in ways that will help you create life-changing years for those lucky enough to be part of your team. Mark recently spent about a year helping Ukrainian refugees. To learn more about and contribute to this important cause, see the link in the show notes.

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Mark’s family has spent the last 10 months providing housing, food, clothing, supplies, medical care, and transportation to Ukrainians impacted by the war in the Ukraine. To learn more about and to contribute to this important humanitarian effort (even $5 is a difference maker), please check out his fundraising page here. Let’s have the Sales Leadership Podcast Listeners make a difference.

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