Episode 277

Paul Salamance, CEO and Co-founder of Top 1 Percent Academy: Cracking the Code of the 1% Factor


May 1st, 2024

51 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Paul Salamanca is the Co-Founder and CEO of Top 1 Percenter Academy. Paul is one of my all-time favorite sales leaders. He’s led teams to ridiculous levels of success. He’s done it in the good times…he’s done it in the tough transitional times. I’ve seen him take organizations through every stage of growth…successfully and predictably. Along the way, Paul saw a need to help salespeople take charge of their own development. And as a result he developed the TOP Program… Top One Percenter. His academy has been so successful that today he takes the principles of top 1 percenters to companies of all sizes worldwide. Today he REJOINS the show to share a blueprint for unlocking the Top 1% factor to help every listener break free of the gravitational pull of status quo.

You can connect with Paul on LinkedIn here.

You can learn more about the Top One Percenter Academy here.

You can check out Paul’s Podcast, The Top One Percenter Show, here.

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