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Episode Archive

162 episodes of Sales Leadership Podcast since the first episode, which aired on June 20th, 2018.

  • Episode 163: #162: Larry Levine — Authenticity: A Lifestyle…Not a Light Switch

    November 16th, 2021  |  59 mins 6 secs
    larry levine, rob jeppsen, sales coaching, sales leadership, selling from the heart

    Larry Levine is the international best-selling author of Selling From the Heart and the co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast. With 30 years of in-the-field sales experience within the B2B technology space, he knows what it takes to be a successful sales leader. Larry discusses how authenticity fuels trust and credibility in an important discussion for every sales leader. To learn more about Larry or his work, visit

  • Episode 162: #161: David Walter — Creating Experiences that Change Priorities

    November 10th, 2021  |  53 mins 7 secs
    cold calling, david walter, million dollar rebuttal, sales, sales coaching, sales leadership

    David Walter is the best-selling author of the book “The Million Dollar Rebuttal.” He helps salespeople all around the world learn to connect to prospects faster by creating a different experience. His insights around connecting to high-value prospects will help your customers prioritize the problems you solve faster. To get his seven cold-calling secrets head to

  • Episode 161: #160: Ang McManamon of Crunchbase — Choosing Growth Every Day

    November 3rd, 2021  |  57 mins 55 secs
    ang, growth, sales coaching, sales leader

    Ang McManamon is the VP of Sales for Crunchbase. Ang and her team are experiencing rapid growth as they help sales teams around the world get Account Based Selling done right. Ang has had an incredible career as a sales leader with global sales leadership positions at several organizations including Amazon before her current role with Crunchbase. In this episode she shares her approach to creating an environment where members of the sales team choose growth every day and a blueprint on how every sales leader can create growth environments that lead to big success stories.

  • Episode 160: #159: Brad Jensen of Motivosity — Creating a Culture of Motivated Teammates

    October 26th, 2021  |  56 mins 22 secs
    coaching, motivation, sales leadership

    Brad Jensen is the VP of Sales for Motivosity. Under Brad’s leadership, Motivosity has had head-turning growth with their award-winning recognition platform that helps people be happier at work. Brad is a rare repeat guest and one of the top sales coaches in the world. To learn more about Brad and the way Motivosity helps create a culture of motivated employees, visit

  • Episode 159: #158: Bryan Elsesser of SaaStr — The Difference Maker is the Sales Leader

    October 20th, 2021  |  1 hr 1 min
    sales coaching, sales growth, sales leadership

    Bryan Elsesser is the VP of Sales for SaaStr. He works with SaaS organizations around the world helping them enter High Growth mode. Bryan has led High Growth sales teams as a practitioner and now advises some of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. You can follow Bryan on Linked in or learn more about SaaStr at

  • Episode 158: #157: Heather Monahan of Boss in Heels — The Power of Belief

    October 12th, 2021  |  50 mins 11 secs
    confidence, heather monahan, rob jeppsen, sales coaching, sales leadership

    Heather Monahan is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and an expert in helping create confidence. She works with sales teams worldwide in developing sales leaders and salespeople fueled with authentic confidence that helps them overcome challenges that others run from. Her newest book, Overcome Your Villains is available at

  • Episode 157: #156: Kyle Petersen of of Catalyst Software — Achieving Elite Performance Through Trust & Consistency

    September 28th, 2021  |  52 mins 51 secs
    consistency, kyle petersen, leadership, rob jeppsen, sales, sales coaching, trust

    Kyle Petersen runs sales at Catalyst Software. They were just named one of the top 40 privately held companies in the world. Kyle shares how to create trust through a leadership style grounded in consistency. As you prepare for a year end push and preparation for the upcoming 2022 year…Kyle shares how to use Consistency in ways that build trust and create results without pushing the panic button.

  • Episode 156: #155: Nadia Rashid of Seismic — Adapting Your Leadership to Fuel the Development of Each Member of Your Team

    September 21st, 2021  |  53 mins 26 secs
    coaching, leadership, nadia, rob jeppsen, sales

    Nadia Rashid is the SVP of Sales at Seismic. She’s helped Seismic get into high growth mode, but more importantly…stay there. Today she shares how she’s had to change her leadership approach to make sure she is able to fuel the growth of each individual of her team. She shares how leaders need to adapt and what the new non-negotiables are in an insightful conversation you won’t want to miss.

  • Episode 155: #154: Dr. Garland Vance of AdVance Leadership — Avoiding Burnout by Making Busy a Bad Word

    September 9th, 2021  |  55 mins 36 secs
    busy, garland vance, leadership, rob jeppsen, sales leadership

    Garland Vance is helping professionals all around the world make the word “Busy” a bad word. And right now, burnout is at an all-time high and sales leaders need tools to help the people they lead overcome this epidemic facing salespeople worldwide. His book, Getting’ UnBusy is a bestseller and a fantastic resource to help you kill busyness and live with purpose, productivity and peace. This episode is one every sales leader will want to listen to multiple times as the topic has never been more important than it is right now.

  • Episode 154: #153: Ryan Staley of Whale Boss — The Core Systems Every Sales Leader Needs to Create Predictable Success

    September 2nd, 2021  |  45 mins 49 secs
    coaching, leadership, rob jeppsen, ryan staley, sales training

    Ryan Staley is the founder and CEO of Whale Boss. He helps organizations around the world build the systems required to have predictable success selling to large enterprise customers. This conversation introduces those key systems and insights you can use to start building the systems for your team immediately. To join Ryan’s Referrals for Revenue Workshop, you can learn more and sign up here: To join the MasterClass on accelerating your success in advancing and closing deals, you can sign up here:

  • Episode 153: #153: Rob Jeppsen of Sales Leadership United — Maximum Effort Does Not Always Equal Maximum Speed

    August 27th, 2021  |  38 mins 7 secs
    rob jeppsen, sales coaching, sales leadership, velocity

    Ever felt like you're doing maximum effort but not creating maximum speed? Our job as sales leaders is to help those we lead choose growth and to outgrow their talent. This is easier said than done. This week, Rob shares an episode from his private podcast, Coaches' Corner. Coaches' Corner is something Rob updates weekly for members of Sales Leadership United, a community of sales leaders working to create elite impact for the people they lead. Each week he shares insights based on work he is doing with other sales leaders around the world. To access all the episodes of Coaches' Corner, over 100 hours of training, and Sales Leadership Content in every leadership topic you'll need...check out Sales Leadership United here:

  • Episode 152: #152: Jon Selig of Comedy Writing for Sales Teams — Create More Connections by “Roasting Your Prospect’s Pain”

    August 20th, 2021  |  55 mins 52 secs
    coaching john selig, humor. leadership, rob jeppsen, sales

    Jon Selig teaches sales teams how to connect to the challenges of a prospect through humor. In a world where the sales noise is louder than it has ever been, learning how to connect to things clients and prospects care about has never been more important than it has ever been. This episode is not about punchlines…it is about pipelines. Jon shares how sales and comedy are more similar than most expect. Learn the secrets from the great comedians on how they become more relevant and relatable to their audience…and how your salespeople can as well.

  • Episode 151: #151: Tony Hughes of Sales IQ Global — How to Thrive as a Sales Leader in the 2020’s

    August 12th, 2021  |  57 mins 46 secs
    coaching, hughes, jeppsen, rob, sale ig, sales leader, tony

    Tony Hughes is a legend in the sales community. He joins the show this week to talk about what sales leaders need to do in order to thrive in the 2020s and beyond. His insights will help every sales leader connect to the members of their teams in ways that creates life-changing years to each of the people they lead. This is a can’t miss episode with tactical suggestions each leader can use immediately.

  • Episode 150: #150: Josh Roth of Lob — Influence: Leading With More Than Just the Numbers

    August 5th, 2021  |  1 hr 28 secs
    growth, impact, josh roth, rob jeppsen, sales coaching, sales leadership, sdr

    Josh Roth has had a huge impact in the modern sales world. As a co-founder of SDR Defenders and the Sr. Director of Inside Sales for Lob...he's seen firsthand how to fuel rapid growth. Josh shares how the great leaders move past the spreadsheets and connect to the whole person...not just the finding ways to create influence. Learn how top leaders help those they lead choose growth over talent in one of our most important episodes yet.

  • Episode 149: #149: Amy Slater of Palo Alto Networks — How to Stop Checking the Boxes and Start Engaging With Your Reps

    July 22nd, 2021  |  1 hr 1 min
    1:1, amy slater, relationships, sales coaching, sales leadership

    Amy Slater is one of the top sales leaders in the business right now. She’s worked with several of the world’s most iconic sales teams and right now is VP of GTM for Internet Security at Palo Alto Networks. Her commitment to the individual development of salespeople. She joins the show to share why it is more important than ever before to stay connected to members of your team and how to do it in an ever-changing environment. Learn insights to having 1:1s your reps will thank you for and how to connect to the whole person…not just the salesperson in this important conversation.

  • Episode 148: #148: Cherilynn Castleman of Sistas In Sales — Creating Connections that Matter

    July 15th, 2021  |  59 mins 45 secs
    cherilynn castleman, sales, sales coaching, sales leadership, sistas in sales

    Cherilynn Castleman helps women of color in the sales community become too good to be ignored. She’s learned that those who connect best have the most success. As a result, she’s developed frameworks to have conversations that create connection and fuel head-turning results. She joins us this week and shares her conversation frameworks so you can make a difference with the careers of those you lead almost immediately. Want to be too good to be ignored? Follow Cherilynn’s blueprint.