Episode 279

Philippe Bouissou, Founder and CEO of Blue Dots Partners: Solving the Monday Morning Dilemma


May 22nd, 2024

1 hr 2 mins 20 secs

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Philippe Bouissou is the founder and CEO of Blue Dots Partners. Philippe and his team help learn about and leverage the power of alignment with their market.Today Philippe joins the show and shares a framework every leader will be glad they are introduced to. He de-mystifies the alignment process and shares stories and tactics that will help you take your approach to alignment up to a level that will change the success trajectory of each member of your team. Philippe bases this framework on 3 decades of operating, investing, and consulting, including being the founder of the Online Apple Store and reporting directly to Steve Jobs. Want to make sure your team is crystal clear on how to win when they show up to work tomorrow? Be sure to check this episode out.

You can connect with Philippe on LinkedIn here.

You can watch Philippe’s award winning Ted Talk on Alignment here.

You can find Philippe’s best-selling book, Aligning the Dots here.

You can learn more about Philippe’s approach to alignment here.

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