Episode 137

#137: Mario Martinez Jr. of Vengreso — Getting More First Conversations


April 20th, 2021

55 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Recent research shows that 60% of salespeople find the most difficult part of sales is getting that first conversation with a prospect. Mario Martinez and his team at Vengresso have been helping sales teams worldwide prospect effectively in the digital era. If your pipeline is your lifeline in sales…this is an episode you’ll refer to over and over again. Mario brings a blueprint of sales prospecting excellence in his trademark style of both style and substance. Want to know what’s working today? Listen to Mario and find out.

In addition, Mario provides the following resources to each listener. Check each of these out:

"Prospecting" - https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-prospecting
"Remote Selling" - https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-remote-selling
"Video for sales" - https://vengreso.com/blog/video-for-sales

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