Episode 232

Elizabeth Andrew, Co-Founder and President of SalesCompete - Resilience Through Intentional Reinvention


May 31st, 2023

56 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Elizabeth Andrew joins us this week to share how important it is for a leader to be willing to reinvent themselves and the power that comes with being intentional about how you choose to reinvent yourself. She’s had a successful career that has been fueled by reinvention. She started on Wall Street, exited intentionally to raise a family, and then decided she wanted to come back as a Tech Executive. And while some said it was wishful thinking, she made it happen. She has decades of proven leadership, success in multiple industries, and has been involved in every part of complex sales.

Elizabeth shares her story today and shares how intention, reinvention, and ambition fuel resiliency in a way every leader can learn from. Elizabeth is the Co-founder and President of [Sales Compete](www.salescompete.com), a native Slack app that brings in-office sales floor energy and productivity to remote and hybrid selling. You can [learn more about Sales Compete here](www.salescompete.com).

You can connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn here.

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