Episode 231

Rhett Nelson, Sales Director at Clozd - Using Win Loss to Improve Your Most Important Metric: Your Win Rate.


May 24th, 2023

54 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Rhett Nelson leads an Enterprise Sales team for Clozd. Rhett and the Clozd team helps sales orgs predictably improve what is arguably the most important metric in sales: Your win rate. This is the second leader from Clozd to join the show because we believe Clozd is the very best provider of win-loss assessment for sales teams of all sizes and industries. Win-Loss is a tool that isn’t used often enough and today Rhett joins us to talk about how we can move from reading the box scores and start watching game film. This is an important conversation and one you’ll be glad you listened to. And don’t miss out on the special offer from Clozd: A free Win-Loss Interview conducted by a member of the Clozd team. Be sure to take advantage of this no-lose introduction to why prospects respond the way they do to your interactions with you.

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