Episode 236

Doug C. Brown, CEO at CEO Sales Strategies: Predictably Creating Top 1% Earners


June 28th, 2023

58 mins 33 secs

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Doug Brown helps develop some of the most successful salespeople, leaders, and companies in the world. He’s worked with iconic organizations worldwide and is massively successful in helping sales leaders and salespeople everywhere learn and adopt the principles of the most successful salespeople in the world. He is the creator of the Top 1% academy, where he trains on how to sell to buyers of all kinds…and how to be in the top 1% of sales earners in the world. He’s a best-selling author, a highly requested speaker, and an expert in intentional improvement. Doug joins us today to discuss how sales leaders can help those they lead enter the Elite status of top 1% earners worldwide in a can’t-miss discussion.

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