Episode 242

Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled: AI isn’t Coming... AI is Here.


August 16th, 2023

59 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Jake Dunlap is the Founder and CEO of Skaled. For over 10 years Jake and the Skaled team have helped sales teams worldwide navigate the fogginess that comes with change. Jake and Skaled help sales leaders and sales teams stay modern, use tools in innovative ways, and create new advantages in how they approach the markets they serve. So it is no surprise that Jake has emerged as one of the early experts in how AI needs to be used for modern sales teams and sales leaders. Jake joins us in our first episode dedicated to the use of AI as a sales leader. This is a must-listen episode for every leader. AI will be a catalyst for elite performance…or it could be a catalyst of becoming insignificant if you’re not intentional about how to use this new capability with the teams you lead.

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