Episode 283

Josh Roth, VP of Revenue and Global Head of Presale at Pipefy: The Shift is Real


June 19th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 49 secs

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(0:00) "Here's What"
(2:10) Intro
(3:25) Special Interview with Josh Roth
(45:07) "So What?"

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Josh is the VP of Revenue and Global Head of Presales at Pipefy. His team is experiencing rapid growth and that’s par for the course with Josh. He’s an award-winning sales leader who has accomplished things few others have. Josh is one of the most impactful sales leaders I’ve crossed paths with and he joins us today as a repeat guest to discuss the shifts facing sales leaders and how to shift in ways that fuels growth and confidence. This is a timely episode and one that every leader will benefit from.

You can connect with Josh on LinkedIn here.

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